Skill Development Centre – Tenali

SJF launched new Skill Development Centre at Tenali, Dr. Nidhi Meena, an IAS Officer graced the occasion and launched the centre.

The objective of this initiative is to offer a certificate based training to women in diverse areas, including tailoring, embroidery, handicraft, jute bag making, pickle making, and mushroom cultivation. It will enable them to become financially independent and enhance their socio-economic status, alongside supporting the cause of women empowerment.

SJF believes that women form the backbone of a flourishing society. They bring life and warmth to the world as a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. But many times, in a bid to fulfil the many responsibilities in these roles, they forget living for themselves. In the hustle to make the dreams of their children and entire family successful, they put an end to their dreams and aspirations. On the other hand, there are also women who want to work and become self-dependent, but are stopped by their family.

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The all new “Skill Development Centre” by Sam and Jane Foundation attempts to resolve these concerns effectively and in a professional way. From artistic activities like embroidery and tailoring to daily home activities like pickle making, the NGO is focused on supporting women belonging to different backgrounds. These trainings are driven towards the livelihood and income generation for poor and disadvantaged rural women by upscaling them as breadwinners in their families. More than 500 rural women are benefited from our training centers and leading dignified lives.


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