Even though the Health Industry has taken much technological advancement, there are still challenges in equitable distribution of health care to all. The rural masses and urban slum dwellers are most vulnerable to lack of access to health care. People living in slums most often get exposed to typical fevers like Malaria, Dengu and Typhoid. Government and the people speak and communicate a lot about the HIV and leprosy; most people suffering with these diseases are neglected and denied their Right of living. Improper sewage systems, harmful flies, wandering pigs, inundated waste water, open defecation and all became a common sight over the villages and urban areas.

Sam and Jane Foundation does the following activities for the rural masses as part of its healthcare initiatives.

  • Distribution of mosquito nets / blankets to the people residing near stagnant waters
  • Conduct Healthcare camps near rural masses and urban slum dwellers
  • Awareness camps related to Health and Hygiene in selected schools
  • Support people living with the diseases like HIV, Leprosy for their treatment
  • Promoting awareness and education about the contagious diseases
  • Financial support for cataract surgeries
  • Promotion of preventive measures, techniques and personal hygiene
  • Adolescent girls’ health care and pregnant women’s care and lactation


Working towards betterment such that everyone should have education, better health and support for old age

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