Sam and Jane Foundation was established in the year 2016 with the aim of bettering lives of underprivileged and downtrodden lives; especially children, disabled, women and socially deprived through proper and timely interventions like helping students with much needed educational inputs, motivating and training them to compete with the other students studying in corporate schools. It also aims to provide shelter to the aged and help them to lead peaceful life in their later stages of life. Helping rural communities through awareness campaigns (on every life basics) is also one of the major activities of the trust. Sam and Jane Foundation for the time-being focuses on Education, Health, Agriculture and Environment related activities in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh alone, and have plans to extend both its line of activities to other sectors and area of operations to other districts / states depending on the monetary support we receive.

Envisioning a society with self-sufficiency in all basic realms, SJF applies a new approach and strategy of a tangible and collective action among the rural poor through organizing the needy people into Community Based Organizations, and strengthening them through different participatory methodologies to make them capable to acquire resources that they need for their own development. Our primary concern is to provide right time opportunities and services in the sectors of natural resources, agriculture, human resource, rural infrastructure, employment, skill development, rural income sources, livelihood, environment conservation, Rights, forests & bio-diversity protection, animal welfare, ecological balancing etc. Accordingly SJF is committed for a common cause of sustainable development of its working areas and rural people.


SJF envision a society and world where each and every one of the downtrodden, underprivileged and weaker sections of the society facing the world boldly today, tomorrow and forever enjoying equal opportunities for growth and empowerment in a balanced environment.


To Inspire and empower people in their inabilities and strengthen the oppressed through collective action among them towards equality, opportunity for advancement, peace, harmony and to balance the nature’s depleting resources for life-sustainability.

Our Objectives

  • To establish old age homes, street children homes for the most deserved communities of India
  • Ensure quality education to the needy through supply of educational inputs and conduct awareness programs in Government schools
  • To work for the development of Health & Hygiene of rural masses and provide clean drinking water, clean and green environment, sanitation, drainage and sewage
  • To initiate Agriculture Development – Organic Farming / Eco-friendly farming
  • To provide merit scholarships, school bags, notebooks, school fee and any other needed educational material to poor students
  • Hamlet Adoption Programs.
  • Rural Skills up-gradation and Income Generation Programmes for rural youths and women in particular
  • Natural resource protection and organic/sustainable agriculture and livelihood sources
  • Provision of alternative energy sources to rural lives for basic needs
  • Micro finance provisions and to SHGs/MACTs etc for Enterprises and livelihood/income sources
  • Tribal Development - Integrated approach and Development of PTGs and SCs
  • Natural calamities/Disaster Management, offer Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Rural Infrastructural development and construction activities
  • Drinking water provisions and sanitation initiatives over rural villages and tribal hamlets and establishment of RO system plants too

Our Philosophy and Approach

Sam and Jane Foundation adopts pertinent and feasible strategies designed and materialised from its very background of prior founding experience too, its own working experience among the rural population and the very stimulating need emerged from its working areas, it adopts best practices condignly for sustainable and long term solutions. The strategies are germane and requisite in for the culmination of its objectives come true as designed and visualised and towards the success of its thematic interventions, activities and projects. They are:

  • Mobilization and Community Structures’ promotions
  • Awareness Creation and Knowledge Development
  • Trainings, Capacity Building and Campaigns
  • Participation and Collective Actions
  • Networking and Linkages
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Research, Documentation/ Planning and information dissemination
  • Rights and Democratic Approach
  • Inputs Support and Infrastructure Development

Thematic Areas of Work

Our Present thematic areas of works are:

  • Education and Child Welfare
  • Forestry and Bio-diversity/environment
  • Women Development – Skills development and income generation
  • Micro-finance for rural livelihoods
  • Agriculture and natural resource management
  • Animal welfare
  • Participation and sharing
  • Rural Health and Rural Drinking Water

Our Target Groups

Children, youth, women/girls, farming communities, disabled people, tribals/SC/Minorities, destitute/orphan/abandoned/street wandering children, old-aged people, artisans, widows, victims of calamities/disasters, animals-wild & domestic.


Working towards betterment such that everyone should have education, better health and support for old age

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