It is needless to say education is exceptionally and inevitably imperative to every child irrespective of caste, colour, region and religion and it is the vital tool that is used all the time towards dignity, civilization, growth, freedom, development, morality and success. It builds confidence in the child to face the worldly challenges tomorrow. We believe that quality education is one of the most powerful tools for the socio economic progress of a country, while the privileged children have access to this, underprivileged children are denied due to lack of proper infrastructure and quality teachers at the schools they can afford.

In India most of the downtrodden children struggle to meet even the basic needs of the education like notebooks, text books and other stationery materials. Sam and Jane Foundation helps children of the weaker sections in bridging the education gap by helping them in not only meeting basic needs of education but get exposed to the quality education facilitating opportunities. We believe that education empowers generations together as the cycle is viscous, if one generation gets educated others follow and quality education ensures one’s right for a better life.

Sam and Jane Foundation works in the Education field by doing few activities lined below.

  • Identifying few Government Schools in the state Andhra Pradesh, SJF works for the next six months at ensuring quality education to the students, with special focus on socially & financially backward children in particular and girl children in general.
  • Distribution of educational stationery items like Exam Pads, Writing Pens, Notebooks, Textbooks and Geometry boxes to students of the identified Government Schools.
  • Conduct Educational Awareness Creation programs by hiring cultural and entertainment team, with a basic aim to convey the importance of Education and value attached to it.
  • Financial assistance in their higher education, scholarships and inputs supports too.
  • Scholarships for all the first and second rank students of classes V to X
  • Hire English teaching professional and conduct training in all the selected / identified government schools
  • Provide computer and other learning aids
  • Provide free tuition classes to poorest of poor children in rural areas (evening hours appointing teachers from the same villages)


Working towards betterment such that everyone should have education, better health and support for old age

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