The present environment faces the exacerbating and pernicious threats of environment degradation due to things like deforestation, chemical over-use, nuclear weapons, wrong-planned constructions and pollution etc. and thus it impacts people’s lives, livelihoods, life sustainability, natural vegetation, water etc. adversely. It is need of the hour to protect environment for the future generations, as part of this many organizations are working towards sustainable practices to avoid the dangers of environment degradation and ecological im-balancing. One of the major degradation practices is deforestation as the forests are converted into living spaces. And human-ecology-natural resource conflicts and unbalancing due to reduction or degradation of natural resources at villages where as demand and needs for human and livestock increases, Non – access of alternative eco-friendly energy options due to ignorance and low income of rural families, environmental and ecological problems due to reduction of natural resources, inorganic agriculture, way ward & non-judicial use of available resources, non-development of pastoral lands, chemical & other harmful materials are some of the main issues/causes that the rural villages face in general.

Sam and Jane Foundation have done the following activities as part of Sustainable Environment practices.

  • Plantation of saplings in all the selected schools and provide tree guards to the planted saplings
  • Plantation of at-least five saplings during all major events of ours
  • Distribute Printed material about importance of sustainable environment
  • Social forestry initiatives – Afforestration over avenues, abandoned lands, revenue hillocks, waste lands, road sides etc.
  • Protection of natural water bodies, marsh lands, ponds, sanctuaries etc.
  • Eco-restoration efforts through agro-forestry developments, pastuires development etc. which in turn supply fodder for livestock too.
  • Conducting elocution, writing, essay competitions and prize distributions etc.


Working towards betterment such that everyone should have education, better health and support for old age

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