The Role of NGOS and Charity Organizations During COVID-19 Crisis

Undoubtedly COVID-19 pandemic has pushed society into darkness and disrupted all walks of life, the disruption of the dreaded novel virus continues unabated in most of the Nations. Lockdown has pushed down the economies badly and the long-term implications of the same are still not clear, fortunately, many of us have managed to ride the waves of resilience and adaptability, but the miseries of migrant laborers, daily wage workers, waste pickers, pushcart vendors, single mothers are beyond one’s imagination. Their lives have come to a halt, many of the migrant workers succumbed to coronavirus and became jobless and homeless during this unprecedented challenging period.

Around the world NGOs, charities, government and private institutions worked towards this cause at their best. They worked around the clock to provide essentials that support the life of these vulnerable communities.

Until a burst of the dreaded virus, most of the NGOs were focusing on the upliftment of educationally and socially backward societies through sustainable livelihood and skill training models, all these sustainable models are tossed with COVID-19 having adversely affected the vulnerable sections of the society. NGOs and other charities took the route to ensure essentials are met for survival, it is glad to see that people who were fortunate enough raised to the occasion and did their part. Many aid organizations raised money for the sake of distributing daily essentials through its network of volunteers and they did it.

We at Sam and Jane Foundation do follow the same pattern as other NGOs and completely occupied ourselves in putting together our funds to help the most vulnerable communities during the difficult phase of life on earth. During this phase, we realized the gravity of the hardship people are facing due to economic deprivation from the loss of income and livelihoods. We are putting our best foot forward to play our part in a much-coordinated way by strengthening our efforts to work together with philanthropists and donors.

Whereas none of us can know what the future holds for us, we can start identifying key questions and possible outcomes, now the question is will this period of disruption lead to fundamental changes in how our society and economy operates? Or will we revert to how things were before as soon as the pandemic ends? We have to wait and see, hoping vulnerable societies emerge strong and more empowered at the end of the COVID crisis.

With Best Wishes
Founder and Chairman
Sam and Jane Foundation


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